Thursday, 4 May 2017

Starting term two with a push

talofalava and welcome back to term two.

today we where trying to balance and push propyl on a skate board. I learnt how to put my gear on.So first you unwrap the helmet and take every thing out.Second get your knee pads and put both of them on.third get your elbow pads and put it on .forth put your risk pads on. finely go skateboarding.


  1. Hi Lucus that sounds like a really fun way to start the term i also like how you added a photo to show the reader would you like to do it again? Emma Greymain School

  2. hi Lucas i am a year 6 at Te kura o waima and i really like the way you describe how to put on all of the gear and good on you for learning how to put on gear to protect your self.

  3. Hi Lucus that sounds like fun
    I liked how you added the photo

    Well Done
    Haylee Greymain