Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Kiwi kids news (VOTING)

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Today the class had to go in a group and find a article and the groups had to act the article.All of the groups were the best but It was hard to decide who won and I chose Fehi's group. It was the best group ever because ina was acting like the rocket and was launching up into the roof everyone was shocked because no one could do it.Also my friend Andrew chose the group to it was the best.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What's in the news this week???

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Today our reading task was to find some news from the week. It had to be news from 23rd to the 30th October. Today i read a about the worlds longest bridge set to open. 1 interesting fact I found out was that construction on the project began in 2009 and thought to cost more that $27.7 million. This news was Pretty happy. This new word I learned was called Construction.Construction means the active of building something. 

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Here is the link to the News I read!!!

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tongan language

Hi blogger today i am talking about Tongan language week.

In my family we mostly don't celebrate Tongan language week. If we do celebrate Tongan language week we would cook some pig, manioke and sapasui. After we cook the pig we go cut it up then we eat it. It is very yummy my favorite is the skin because it is very crispy and yummy.

When every one is done eating we will all play out side in the dark and the game we play is man hunt. It is more fun in the dark cause it is more harder to find them. Then when it is like 11.00 pm we get told off and we have to go inside then we go play the next day.

On Sunday morning we always go to Church like at 9.00 am. Then we go home at 11.00 am. After Church is done we always go home and go sleep cause we have to wake up early and we did not have a good night sleep. So after hour nap we go play outside and play tag. man hunt, rugby or jump on the trampoline. At home we sometime speak Tongan but not all the time.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


In my street there are old houses, new houses,

 Abandoned  houses and apartment houses.

New cool fences, old stone fences,

pointy sharp roofs, flat colorful roofs,

glass, wood windows with weird certain.

Image result for clean houses outside

Friday, 17 August 2018

Malo Lela bloggers

On Thursday 9th August the extraordinary parekowhai class hosted an awesome assembly. Here let me tell you about the assembly.It started with an exciting song called the wake up song. It's a very fun song to dance and sing to. Then the hole school was in the the hall i was very nervous to dance and sing to lot of people but i still sang and danced it was fun because the hole school had to dance and sing with use.

Then Ina and Simon was talking about there blogs it was very cool. So these people are the people that was presenting so there was (Simon and Mandita) He did what he did in the holiday.(Simon) Talking about a dog doing CPR so cool. (Rhia and Gloria) Gloria and Rhia talking about Bad Habits cool also. Other people (Fehi) Talking about here Blog. So all of these people were talking about Blogs just a heads up. (Mose and Zion) Talking about A sick Turtle so sad. (Patrick) Talking about A Youtube Recommendation.


Hi Bloggers here is my Proper noun and common noun.

Today i finished my proper noun and common noun poster. Today i was very happy when i was finished it. My friend Simon helped me finish my poster and we had a photo. This was a very fun poster to make.

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Friday, 3 August 2018

My YouTube Recommendation!!

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